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Plumbers & Pipefitters Training Center for UA Local #447

About Our Program

The Plumbers, Pipefitters, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program is a 5 year Apprenticeship Program, with on-the-job training and related experiences.

Courses include:

Math, Science, History, Plumbing, Steam Fitting, Refrigeration, Welding (Gas and Arc), California Codes, First Aid/CPR

Additional Certifications Available:

Medical Gas Installer, Backflow Prevention, Toxic Gas, CFC Certification, AWS & UA Welding Certification, Brazing Certification, UA S.T.A.R Certification, OSHA Certification, Asbestos Awareness Certification, Fork Lift Certification


What is a Plumber?

Plumbers work with various materials and fixtures used in installation, removal, maintenance, extension and alteration of a plumbing system.  Plumbing systems include:  all sanitary drainage, storm drainage facilities, special wastes, vent systems, public or private water systems and gas piping, within or adjacent to any building.


What is a Pipefitter?

Pipefitters (Steamfitters) are employed for the installation of piping on new construction and existing plant maintenance, or modernization projects, in all types of industrial plants, office/commercial buildings, hospitals, research facilites and other projects.  Pipefitters install piping of all sizes, and in a variety of materials, including:  carbon steel, copper, cast iron, plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel and other special alloys and types.  Pipefitters are often certified in welding.

What is an Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic?


As an Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic Apprentice, you will work for a Refrigeration Contractor.

UA S.T.A.R Certification prepares Service Technicians in the maintenance and repair of refrigeration and/or air conditioning units for residential, commercial and industrial uses.



Testing and Process:

Entrance exam is administered by a representative of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee quarterly at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Center.  For testing schedule refer to, http://www.447jac.org.

All applicants must arrive between 8:00 am and 9:00 am and  present a high school diploma or G.E.D., and government issued photo ID.  You must be 18 years or older to take the exam.

The test takes approximately three (3) hours and covers basic mathematics throught 1st year Alegbra.  The applicant must pass this test with a minimum score of 65% to qualify.

All applicants who pass the test are given a letter of eligibility and a list of employers in the area.  The applicant must seek employment.  He/she will then obtain a signature from the employer, on a letter of acceptance, and be referred to the local Union Hall for a dispatch.  Once this is completed, he/she will return to the Training Center to register for related instuctional classes.

For More Information about the Training Center Contact:

Jerry Zinc, Coordinator

8750 Younger Creek Drive

Sacramento, CA 95828

Telephone:  (916) 383-1102

Fax:  (916) 383-3830

Email:  education@447jac.org

Website:  www.447jac.org

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